by Monsuun

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'Monsuun' is a roughly conceptual album detailing phases of personal evolution. The album weaves through a variety of styles from rock to pop punk, psychedelic and progressive rock. It is presented in both Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound for an immersive audio journey.

The 5.1 Surround Sound mixes can be found here, free of charge:
If you only have a stereo system to listen, we recommend sticking to the stereo mixes.


released December 8, 2016

Monsuun is:
Will Tremain - Guitar/Vocals
Daniel Morassutti - Drums/Bass

All songs composed, performed, engineered and mixed by Monsuun
Lyrics by Will Tremain
Cello on tracks 4, 9 performed and composed by Tom Mithen
Stereo and 5.1 Surround mastering by Daniel Morassutti
Additional engineering on drum sessions from Johannes Purbowo

Artwork by Helen Chen
Photography by James Wajura
Music visuals by Daniel Morassutti

Additional thanks to the following fine folk for their generous loaning of equipment/sage wisdom/general support and patience:

Dylan Newbound, Jared Brentnall, Simon Clendinning, Felix Parnell, Becki Whitton, Rohan Sforcina, Trinski Liwanag



all rights reserved


Monsuun Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Leech
I heard you speaking whispers in the back of my mind
Felt you sucking blood and using up my time
How can I always be there for something when you see it as nothing now?

I bet you’re feeling pretty cosy like a thorn in my side
Is there a better way to live with you in my life?
I won’t be taken along on this ride

You know exactly what you’re doing to me
I don’t think you’re really listening
Do I stay or do I just walk away?

No exception to the rule
I’m the joker you’re the fool
Everybody has a taste for what it means to be wrong
But you spat it back out like it didn’t belong to you

You fucked the part of my brain
That reminds me who I am
Tells me that I’m sane
No I won’t listen to your bullshit anymore

And I can’t hear you now
Got my own voices to figure out
No I can’t hear you now
Track Name: Cancer
I’ve felt this way times before
Bad habits
Waste some time
Fill the void

Tonight we will burn out just like a flame
And the strangers we know will soon forget our names
You look just like you did on our first date
The door said pull but I pushed anyway

We stayed up late
Your secret’s safe
Eight minute drive
Too long to wait
I guess I’m sad
I miss your face
The door said pull
I pushed anyway

Big dreams
But I can’t sleep
Just holding out
End of the week
Cancer star sign
Two of a kind
I think of you
All of the time

And if I pretend
That I’m as real as the voice in my head
Then I won’t be alone
I know
Track Name: Fortunes
Gave up guessing fortunes now I’m riding this wave
Trading in my tomorrows just to feel it today
I’ve broken through
Found that place you took me to
Yeah the stillness where my thoughts tessellate
There I stay

Rethought my purpose now my reason is true
Inspired by my angels like I’m somebody new
Carry your flame
Let the fire guide your way
In our eyes each moment illuminates
There I stay

We are connected
Threads of common understanding
Can we smile while we suffer?
Trust in hearts always withstanding
We are the lessons
Both the questions and their answers
Can we smile while we suffer?

No turning back already we’ve made it so far
Got a long way to fly when you shoot for the stars
And every moment I spend
Weightless in space I’ll never forget
Every one of these moments I spend
I will never be the same again

The stars are bright
The path is light
The world for you
To live your life
Track Name: Nephthys
Up down up down its how it’s always been
Slow fast slow fast and then the in between
Is it possible to start over?
Are we ever really getting closer?

Tune in fade out another memory
Sometimes I wish they wouldn’t come to me
Lately taking every chance to be alone
Losing touch of what it means to feel at home

Just let me go back to my dreams
To blur the lines between
What it is and what it means

You’ll keep me safe
Hold me I’ll close my eyes
We’ll descend down the stream
And then together arrive there

Change what you are to something suitable
The tears in your eyes so very beautiful
The moment caught you out and you exploded
Overwhelming sense of the emotion

The shifting tides make silver from gold
I let go

The emptiness
It never left
You can’t escape what made you
There is a price
Pay sacrifice
You fought it all the way through
But you can’t escape what made you

Take me
To the edge of this realm
Where the wave rolls flat and I return
Back to the stillness
Track Name: Shifting Tides
Track Name: Speck
A speck floating through time
Lost to the world within my mind
Feeling things I can’t define
I try
I found love in this dream
So I made it reality
Living through the mystic eye

Sail across the brink with me
Oh we’ll fly
Dive into infinity
Come on die

For too long of a time
I believed I was lost
Now I’m thinking no I’m not
I can be there in a single thought

I let the worms inside my head
Crawling through my brain like I was dead
When it’s over what remains
Everything is different
But everything’s the same

The same
But in constant change

Pull apart the puzzle like it never did exist
Rearrange the pattern to find all the pieces fit
Walking on the wheel give direction to the path
Dizzy from a world that’s spinning so fast

This maze
Always in constant change
Forever dancing through this masquerade
A journey through the turning of days
Here I stay
Track Name: Capgras Delusion
When I fell it was the top branch
That snapped and gave way sending me down
Now I fall
I can’t believe that this is happening
But I’ll just keep playing along
Track Name: Hall of Mirrors
A face in the clouds
A voice through the static
A hand reaching out from a ghost I thought vanished
If no one understands then my life is a secret
If you knew who I am could I even believe it?

Thank you for the chance
To have learnt
To have burned
To happen

Grant me the power to disintegrate
Mercy from this endless cycle
Clear my name
Erase the trace

Trapped inside the machine
Married to my condition
Is this my temple of dreams?
Or a Black Iron Prison?
If I walk through this maze do I ever get nearer?
Or do I spend all my days lost in this hall of mirrors?

To have learned
To have burned
To happen
Track Name: Petrichor
Waiting for the rain
Feel the moment divide
At the edge of the storm
Give myself to the sky

Let the winds take hold
Surrendering control
I found the thirst to learn
And reached the point of no return

In so far as I
Know how to survive
With the world aligned
Through the darkness fly
Planet with a fire inside
Swallowed by the sea and sky

Awoken by a call
Summoned by the forces inexorable
I shed one layer more
And let dust become of what was there before

The circle serpents tail in the mouth
Pieces of the whole we are without
In silence all the answers are revealed
In time all of the pain will be healed
And you will know
What is real

The blood inside the stone
The spirit in my bones
A meaning in the mind
A promise of what’s mine

The dream at the centre of time